True Fulfillment


Each year there are 45-50,000 people in the US that commit suicide, making it the 10th highest cause of death.  Many of these unfortunate deaths occur among the rich, famous and most accomplished people in our society.  Even though there are so many possible contributing factors in each unique case, I believe that some of these deaths could be prevented through fulfillment.  The examples of the rich and famous who take their lives show how dangerous it can be when you seek fulfillment in the wrong places.  There is no amount of money or accomplishment that can make up for a lack of true fulfillment.  After analyzing Paul’s letter to the Romans 15:14-33, Dr. Youssef points out 4 keys to a fulfilling life:


  1. Self-Sacrifice – self sacrifice is the true secret to fulfillment.  The most purposeful life pursuits are those focused on others.
  2. God Glorifying – Paul said, “I Glory in Jesus Christ”.  Even though Paul was the most influential evangelist in history, he gave all of the Glory to God.  He said, “May I never boast except in the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ”.
  3. Forever Dreaming – God has a dream and a vision for each one of his children.  We are not meant to live boring complacent lives, but rather lives filled with excitement, joy and adventure. The moment you stop dreaming for what God has in store for you, you have died before dying.
  4. Constantly Kneeling – Paul said, “Join me in the struggle with prayer.”  Paul, having spent much of his journey imprisoned for his faith, proved that defending the gospel can be a struggle.  God doesn’t say that we will live a struggle free life, but he does say that we should pray continuously, and he will be with us along the way.


There is so much fools gold out there today hidden in self-service and instant gratification.  If you want to discover true fulfillment, I encourage you to reflect on God’s specific instruction through the Apostle Paul.

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