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Performance Review

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We recently conducted our first round of formal performance reviews at Swift Straw. During the review we covered a minimum of 3 positive things that we wanted to acknowledge each person for, 3 areas for improvement and then invited the same feedback for leadership.  This was without a doubt one...

Ambitious for Others

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There is certain level of confidence required to accomplish anything in life. While confidence can be one of your greatest strengths, it becomes your worst enemy if you cross the line and become cocky or arrogant. The same goes for ambition. It can be one of your greatest strengths as long as...

How to Make a Million Dollars Raising Dogs

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I recently listened to a Ted talk of Cam Lanier speaking to business students at Point University.  As one of my life long hero’s and mentors, it was quite a treat to hear so many of the principles that I have picked up over the years condensed into one organized speech.  It is titled, “How to...

Making Mistakes With a Smile


“You can either learn or be right, but you can’t do both.”

The celery test

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Imagine a person at a party, someone walks up and starts talking about how great chocolate chip ice cream is for you.  As they get into all of the benefits of dairy, another person interrupts them and says, “No, brownies are what’s best for you”.  Hearing the conversation, another person comes...

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