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Performance Review

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We recently conducted our first round of formal performance reviews at Swift Straw. During the review we covered a minimum of 3 positive things that we wanted to acknowledge each person for, 3 areas for improvement and then invited the same feedback for leadership.  This was without a doubt one...

Making the Impossible, Possible

team building, failure, perseverence

This past weekend was opening day of the 2018 deer season.  There were three trophy bucks harvested with a bow which marks the best opening day that we have ever had.  If you have been following the “Spring Creek Coop” for the last few years you might think that we have always had world class...

First Who, Then What

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The next principle in “Good to Great” is “First Who, Then What”.  All of the Good to Great CEO’s focused first on getting the right people on the bus before they decided where they wanted to drive it.  They knew that strategy comes after people.  Once they got the right people on the bus and the...

Who Gets the Credit

leadership, business, team building, teamwork, achievement, efficiency

I am currently going back through a great business book called “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.  Since it has been several years since I last read it, I have a much greater appreciation for some of the timeless principles.  In order for a business to sustain greatness, there must be what is known...

Leadership Through Collaboration

leadership, business, team building, teamwork, innovation

The work place is ever evolving which means that leadership must continue to evolve as well.  In order to lead in the future, collaboration must be at the foundation.  Here are seven examples of how to be a collaborative leader versus a traditional leader. 

Necessity Drives Innovation

leadership, business, team building, teamwork, innovation

Last week we were working on a project that required several different pieces of equipment.  When it came time to use one particular piece, we realized that we had lost the key.  For the rest of the afternoon we searched and even delayed the project until the next morning when a spare was...


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Creating High-Performance Teams

leadership, business, team building, teamwork

Andy Stanley came up with 4 steps to creating high-performance teams. They are...

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