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Family Culture

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Culture can be defined as the customs or way of life for a particular group of people.  Although we have seen examples of culture used to define countries, cities, town and businesses, it is rarely used to define a family unit.  The first step in creating a company culture is to establish a...

An Octopus in a Sock

leadership, parenting, learning

In his book “Never Split the Difference”, hostage negotiator Chris Voss always does two critical things.  He makes the person feel like they are in control by leading with questions, and he mirrors or repeats back to them what they just said so they feel heard and understood.  Both tactics are...

Thanksgiving Challenge

parenting, thankfulness, humility

Thanksgiving Challenge

Let Your Light Shine

leadership, relationships, parenting, mentorship

Matthew Paul Turner wrote a wonderful piece titled “5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Shine.” Here are the highlights.

Be The Giant

leadership, parenting, mentorship

The best mentors are thoughtful sculptors. Michelangelo fashioned his sculptors with the notion that art was waiting to be discovered in the block of marble; his job was simply to carve away the pieces. Great mentors function the same way. They focus on uncovering the ideal path of mentees that...

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