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Bite off More than You Can Chew

improvement, learning, inspiration, opportunity

I recently listened to a podcast with Mark Manson who is authoring a new book with actor Will Smith. After spending several months with Will traveling the world working on various projects, he was amazed at how much Will actually gets done in a given day.  When he asked Will how he does it, here...

The Golden Rule

relationships, teamwork, humility, opportunity

Spring is such an exciting time of year.  As people rush to get ready for the coming season things can get stressful if you let them.  Every spring I like to remind our team about the Golden Rule.

Catapult Opportunity

leadership, opportunity

A fancy title does not make someone a leader.  A well-known name does not make a company the leader in their space.  In Kim Powell’s book “The CEO Next Door”, she refers to "catapult opportunities" as the opportunities that catapult an individual person or a company to become the leader in their...

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