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Success Examined

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In the movie “Good Will Hunting,” Robin Williams' character understood that success cannot be defined, it can only be discovered.  He understood that success is unique and different for each individual.  Will Hunting was a certifiable genius, but he would not be forced into someone else’s...

The Current: Meet Matt Lowe

mentorship, business, entrepreneurship, achievement, success, purpose

Have you ever met someone you instantly look up to? I’m not necessarily talking about someone famous or someone that you know a lot about and respect. I’m talking about people who have a certain presence about them. They carry themselves in such a way that you can’t help but watch their every...

Two Ears and One Mouth

mentorship, improvement, learning

“I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions,” Lou Holtz.

An Other's Focused Wake

mentorship, environment

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking a business trip with a family that represents the epitome of success in all measures.  While I was waiting for our flight, one of the employees came up and said “Who are you flying with today?”  When I told them they said, “That is the nicest family. We are...

Let Your Light Shine

leadership, relationships, parenting, mentorship

Matthew Paul Turner wrote a wonderful piece titled “5 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Shine.” Here are the highlights.

Known, Understood and Connected

leadership, relationships, mentorship

The human heart will seek to be known, understood and connected with above all else.  If you do not connect, the ones you care about will find someone who will.  This could be a spouse, family member, friend, partner or employee.  Here are a few thoughts on how to make sure that the people you...

Be The Giant

leadership, parenting, mentorship

The best mentors are thoughtful sculptors. Michelangelo fashioned his sculptors with the notion that art was waiting to be discovered in the block of marble; his job was simply to carve away the pieces. Great mentors function the same way. They focus on uncovering the ideal path of mentees that...

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