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Bite off More than You Can Chew

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I recently listened to a podcast with Mark Manson who is authoring a new book with actor Will Smith. After spending several months with Will traveling the world working on various projects, he was amazed at how much Will actually gets done in a given day.  When he asked Will how he does it, here...

Family Culture

parenting, purpose, learning, family

Culture can be defined as the customs or way of life for a particular group of people.  Although we have seen examples of culture used to define countries, cities, town and businesses, it is rarely used to define a family unit.  The first step in creating a company culture is to establish a...

An Octopus in a Sock

leadership, parenting, learning

In his book “Never Split the Difference”, hostage negotiator Chris Voss always does two critical things.  He makes the person feel like they are in control by leading with questions, and he mirrors or repeats back to them what they just said so they feel heard and understood.  Both tactics are...

The Long Game

improvement, perseverence, learning

The other day I heard a great interview with Jeff Bezos. Here are a few takeaways:

Performance Review

business, team building, improvement, success, learning, Value

We recently conducted our first round of formal performance reviews at Swift Straw. During the review we covered a minimum of 3 positive things that we wanted to acknowledge each person for, 3 areas for improvement and then invited the same feedback for leadership.  This was without a doubt one...

Embrace Being Wrong

achievement, improvement, perseverence, success, purpose, learning

This year we opened up a new harvesting operation in Mississippi.  Since the terrain is totally different than anything we have ever worked in before, we had to discover and create an entirely new process from scratch.  Over the last few months we have worked tirelessly, testing different types...

Success Examined

mentorship, success, learning

In the movie “Good Will Hunting,” Robin Williams' character understood that success cannot be defined, it can only be discovered.  He understood that success is unique and different for each individual.  Will Hunting was a certifiable genius, but he would not be forced into someone else’s...

The Superfood Challenge

health, diet, improvement, learning

What would you think if someone gave you a bag of dog food and told you that it was guaranteed to make your dog severely over weight, highly fatigued AND increase their risk of cancer by 500%. Oh, and they would also be guaranteed to develop some type of chronic illness that would require...

Find the Root

efficiency, improvement, learning

As a society we are very quick to focus on suppressing symptoms.  Just look at modern medicine where there is a pill for every ill.  You can suppress heart burn with a purple pill, or you could discover which foods are causing the heart burn and stop eating those?  When it comes to our physical...

Education Through Awareness

improvement, learning

Robert Frost said, “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or self confidence.”  

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