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Making the Impossible, Possible

team building, failure, perseverence

This past weekend was opening day of the 2018 deer season.  There were three trophy bucks harvested with a bow which marks the best opening day that we have ever had.  If you have been following the “Spring Creek Coop” for the last few years you might think that we have always had world class...

A Healthy Challenge

failure, improvement, perseverence

A few weeks ago I passed my written pilot exam which means that it is time to prepare for my final check ride.  The final check ride is held by an FAA designated examiner where a student pilot is tested for knowledge and skills in executing a number of key maneuvers in the air.  As part of the...

The Common Denominator of Failure

leadership, business, entrepreneurship, failure

Jon Taffer, the host of Bar Rescue and serial entrepreneur, has discovered the common denominator for failure. After listening to a recent interview, here are some great takeaways: 

  • Excuses are the common denominator of all failure. They are the rationalization of failure. If you blame anything...

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