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In the movie “Good Will Hunting,” Robin Williams' character understood that success cannot be defined, it can only be discovered.  He understood that success is unique and different for each individual.  Will Hunting was a certifiable genius, but he would not be forced into someone else’s version of success.  While everyone was trying to make him fit their model, Robin Williams helped him discover his own.
Napoleon Hill defined success as: “Doing the things one wants in life, without interfering with the rights of others.” Each of us must discover and create our own unique journey.
When it comes to leadership and parenthood, think about the two different approaches in Good Will Hunting.  Will resisted anyone and everyone that tried to project their version of success onto him.  But he embraced Robin Williams approach and worked with him to discover his own.  As a leader, I challenge you to help others discover their own version of success.  As a parent, use your own experience as an example to learn from, but never think that your kids journey will be the same as yours.  Empower them to define and create their own unique journey.

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