Mindset is such a critical part of success.  With the right mindset anything is possible.  With the wrong mindset nothing is possible.  Here are a few examples to compare a growth mindset to a fixed mindset:

Growth versus Fixed: 

  • Read every day VS. Watch TV every day
  • Compliment others VS. Criticize others
  • Embrace change VS. Fear change
  • Forgive others VS. Hold a grudge
  • Talk about ideas VS. Talk about others
  • Continuously learn VS. Think they know it all
  • Accept responsibility for their failures VS. Blame others for their failures
  • Have a sense of gratitude VS. Have a sense of entitlement
  • Set goals and develop life plans VS. Never set goals


I challenge you to identify any areas of your life that are constrained by a fixed mindset and switch it to growth.

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