Leadership Through Collaboration

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The work place is ever evolving which means that leadership must continue to evolve as well.  In order to lead in the future, collaboration must be at the foundation.  Here are seven examples of how to be a collaborative leader versus a traditional leader. 

Traditional Leader: believe power comes from their position of authority

Collaborative Leader: believe power is greatest in a collaborative team


Traditional Leader: maintain ownership of information

Collaborative Leader: openly share information and knowledge


Traditional Leader: sometimes listen to suggestions and ideas from their team

Collaborative Leader: encourage suggestions and ideas from their team


Traditional Leader: deliver the approved solutions to their team

Collaborative Leader: facilitate brainstorming with their team


Traditional Leader: allocate time and resources only when proven necessary

Collaborative Leader: enable their team by allocating time and resources the right away


Traditional Leader: adhere to specific roles and responsibilities

Collaborative Leader: allow roles and responsibilities to evolve and fluctuate


Traditional Leader: fight fires and focus on symptoms

Collaborative Leader: seek to uncover the root causes of issues


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