Embrace Being Wrong

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This year we opened up a new harvesting operation in Mississippi.  Since the terrain is totally different than anything we have ever worked in before, we had to discover and create an entirely new process from scratch.  Over the last few months we have worked tirelessly, testing different types of equipment and methods.  Here are a few things that we have learned through the process about innovation:


  1. Discovering the root cause of a faulty method is typically the hardest part of innovation and the most important thing to stay focused on through the process.  At first we thought we had a man power issue, only to discover that the root was optimizing rain days.  If you are only reacting to symptoms without discovering the root, it turns into an expensive way to fight fires.
  2. The solution always lies behind all of things that don’t work.  We have discovered that the faster we can test and learn from everything that doesn’t work, the sooner we arrive at the solution.
  3. Innovation requires a specific type of growth mindset.  It requires a mindset that embraces being wrong as a necessary part of the process.  The more times you can be proven wrong in a given time frame, the closer the solution becomes.welding 12

I have to give a special shout out to Aaron Cooper and Tyler Johnson who have single handedly created a new innovative harvesting process that will add a tremendous amount of long term value and strength to our supply chain.  Here are a few pictures of them welding the finishing touches on the custom equipment that they designed, tested and built.  Great job guys!!




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