Catapult Opportunity

leadership, opportunity

A fancy title does not make someone a leader.  A well-known name does not make a company the leader in their space.  In Kim Powell’s book “The CEO Next Door”, she refers to "catapult opportunities" as the opportunities that catapult an individual person or a company to become the leader in their space.  Here are a few ways to create a "catapult opportunity": 


  1. Pick the messiest problem and solve it.
  2. Take on the job or task that no one else wants.
  3. Solve the problem before people are asking about it.
  4. Make moves before you are completely “ready.”
  5. Do things outside of your responsibility. Go above and beyond.


Regardless of name or title, remember that whoever is willing to own and solve the problem becomes the leader.  I challenge you to think about what “catapult opportunities” you can create.

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